An important part of our brand is working with natural wear-resistant fabrics. We are very fond of linen, since it is hydroscopic, gives the body the possibility to breathe and is extremely durable. In addition, flax is an unpretentious crop that does not require large amounts of water and pesticides for its cultivation, and usually these crops do not suffer from diseases and pest attacks. For example, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, flax requires thirteen times less pesticides than potatoes.

We are trying to find a balance between the presence of synthetic and natural fibers. Sometimes it is preferable to choose cotton with a small addition of lycra for a T-shirt, because this will significantly prolong the life of the product. Cotton, while natural and hypoallergenic, is extremely inelastic, wrinkles and loses shape faster. Lycra adds the missing qualities to it, so that the cotton is easily ironed, not deformed after washing and worn for a long time.
At this stage we use Belarusian and Russian fabrics only.


There is a difference between a T-shirt bought from a major fashion brand store and a T-shirt bought from us, starting from the creation of templates to the type of stitching used. How do you know that the clothes you buy are of high quality? It will last for years, will be resistant to washing and will retain its shape. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, all the details and stitches are clear, without protruding threads. Internal seams are clean and well processed.


Ethical fashion is defined as "... an approach to the design, exploration and manufacture of clothing that maximizes benefits to individuals and communities while minimizing environmental impacts." You can feel good in the clothes in your closet because they are made through an ethical sewing process and from fabrics that honor the planet.
Fabrika's clothes are made in Russia, Izhevsk. Either in our studio, by the hand of our wonderful seamstress named Galia, or in a small sewing factory where adult employees work in clean rooms. All of them are treated as equal partners and are paid according to Russian Federation standards.


Fabrika is at the very beginning of its journey, we are not yet well known in the fashion world, so we try to produce exactly the amount of clothes that we are really able to realize. Each fashionable item presented in our online store is sewn in just 4-15 units. Thus, we exclude sending our products to the landfill and give our customers the opportunity to wear exclusive items.
In addition, we work closely with our sewing factory to be able to control the most logical use of fabric and minimize waste. The inevitable remnants of fabric are used for sewing small accessories, and at the development of a collection which we are creating today.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. Our goal is to create better products for you and a better future for the planet and the people we work with.