An important part of our brand is working with natural wear-resistant fabrics. We are very fond of linen, since it is hydroscopic, gives the body the possibility to breathe and is extremely durable. In addition, flax is an unpretentious crop that does not require large amounts of water and pesticides for its cultivation, and usually these crops do not suffer from diseases and pest attacks. For example, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, flax requires thirteen times less pesticides than potatoes.

We are trying to find a balance between the presence of synthetic and natural fibers. Sometimes it is preferable to choose cotton with a small addition of lycra for a T-shirt, because this will significantly prolong the life of the product. Cotton, while natural and hypoallergenic, is extremely inelastic, wrinkles and loses shape faster. Lycra adds the missing qualities to it, so that the cotton is easily ironed, not deformed after washing and worn for a long time.

At this stage we use Belarusian and Russian fabrics only.